Free to Love chronicles an important chapter in the fight for LGBTT rights in Puerto Rico.

2014 Best Documentary Feature Award, RIFF


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About the Documentary


In 2008, a group of Puerto Rican  activists come together to organize a grass roots initiative against CR99, a constitutional marriage amendment measure backed by the religious right to prevent gay marriage from taking place in Puerto Rico. 'Free to Love' chronicles the events that led to the demise of such a measure from the activists' perspective.  (TRT: 84 min)

Director & Cast

A documentary by Jorge Oliver

Featuring Interviews with:

Reverend Andrés Alvarez, David Antonio, Osvaldo Burgos Pérez. Ada M. Conde, Hon. Liza M. Fernández, Carlos I. Gorrín Peralta, Rafael Mayoral, Joey Pons, Hon. Norman Ramírez, Enrique Renta, Hon. Albita Rivera, Rafael Ruiz Ayala, Hon. María de Lourdes Santiago, and Pedro Julio Serrano.


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